Well about me.  My day job is Chief Digital Officer for Techpulse Group, one of the UK’s fastest growing channel services business.  My day job is also my passion – being a proud and enthusiastic participant in this dynamic channel eco-system.  I know it sounds a little corny, but, if we who work in this industry cannot get excited about the massive changes being driven in the world by digital, or be passionate in communicating the benefits we think, hope, or dream will happen because of what we do, then we really shouldn’t be bothered.   If we are not advocates for what we do – then who will be?

So, I get excited about lots of digital things, from initiatives like Open Bionics (and the open movement in general) to the new fundamental building blocks of digital such as Automation.

Digital might be lattes and East London to many, but in reality for most organisations it is good old fashioned hard work, and few people are lucky enough to start with a blank sheet of paper or an industry free of regulation – and so it is a grand modernisation journey – and we should also be excited about that as much  are about connected kettles.  Life isn’t all about tablets and apps and social media – it needs new networks, new clouds, new security, new instrumentation, new operating models, and did I mention automation?

Prior to joining Techpulse Group, I worked passionately for Logicalis Group for 10 years, a leading international IT solutions and managed service provider, my last role being as their CDO for Logicalis Europe. Logicalis gave me a truly international view of the world, and also access to colleagues with knowledge and enthusiasm that knew no bounds.

I have been really lucky to work with professionals from some of the world’s leading technology firms – Cisco, IBM, HPE, NetApp, VMware, CA, ServiceNow to name but a few) and with analysts including IDC, Canalys, Gartner, TechMarketView and many others.

With 25 years of experience (the nice word for hanging around) in the ICT industry and channel, I have a good smattering of experience with systems integrations, reseller, and IT vendors, and lots of roles leadership, strategy, marketing and product marketing in the UK, Europe and United States.

I like to think I am enthusiastic and hopefully entertaining speaker on all things digital, IT channel, and anything with an anecdote involved.  I also hope I am a half decent if grammatically challenged writer, incredibly poor runner, cyclist and golfer (off a very high but realistic handicap).  I could be a world beating pie maker and Master Chef contestant…well I think so anyway.

TechPulse Group is one of the UK’s fastest growing IT Channel Services organisations – investing in our partnerships with resellers, distributors and OEM vendors to create increased relevance, accelerated growth, and sustainable and profitable innovation across the channel.