My Right To Be Forgotten – A GDPR Poem (and probably my last poem ever)

I guess we all ponder the big things in life at the weekends, and it dawned on me on Sunday, there simply isn’t enough technology industry poetry in the world.  So, in an attempt to humour myself and maybe add a literary bent to GDPR, here goes.  It is my first GDPR poem and probably the last one of any kind from my keyboard – but you have to keep the brain active at my age.

My Right To Be Forgotten

Imagine a life that could be lived forever

Pursuing dreams and any endeavour

A limitless journey made so sublime

Hindered no more by old mother time

Not Groundhog Day, but a life lived new

Infinite memories controlled by you

A new beginning for all humankind

No bodily ashes left behind

This exists today in digital form

For our electronic data lives on and on

Our past, your present their futures too

In our big-data defined connected stew

Where time-lines and tweets define our identities

Our digital forms mere corporate commodities

Living forever whether we consented or not

Our personal data unable to rot

Or fade away as we grow old

Those long-forgotten secrets could be digitally retold

By those who collected our digital pasts

Crunched our data to compare and contrast

Whether our optimal shoe choice was in red or in blue

Or we had paid our bills on time or in lieu

A digital marketplace, lives bought and sold

Bits never to fade but we must now be bold

Our digital data could be back in our hands

As GDPR approaches we must make plans

To become the ultimate owners of our digital lives

And say no to those organisations who will contrive

To suggest we consented to their ravenous greed

Because their terms of conditions we clicked to proceed

Not understanding that this touch of a mouse

Would hand them the keys to our digital house

So I say to you all it is time to prepare

For a brave new world where we must all dare

To ensure our data is lost not begotten

And enforce our GDPR right to be forgotten