Channel Services – A Long Term Partner for Success or Seagulls Behind Your Trawler?

It’s an image that gained worldwide coverage and one that demonstrated the compassion and generosity of one human being to another.  In their case, they happened to be brothers, they also happened to be fierce competitors at their top of their game.

With only 700 meters of the 10k road run to go, in a world triathlon final event that would decide the end of season order, an event that had already challenged the competitors with a 1500-meter swim and a 40k bicycle road race, Jonathan Brownlee could go no further. His energy was spent. Then, around the final corner, came his brother Alastair, now also with the finishing line in sight, and a solid second place in the bag for himself if he had the single-minded determination to leave his distressed brother on the side of the road. Of course, the rest is history.

Picking his brother up, Alastair instead chose to carry Johnny the final 700M and literally pushed him over the line.  The Brownlee brother’s actions are the now stuff of sporting legend.

Now of course the Brownlee brothers are not just competitors they are brothers.  They were keen school runners and bought their very first triathlon gear together.  Their commitment to winning is individual, but they train together, push each other competitively, and support each other well before the starting gun goes.  Reading interviews with them you can spot sibling rivalry a mile away, but also a massive admiration for each other borne of understanding of the dedication each one makes to being a world-class athlete.  They are without doubt competitors but also contributors to their joint but individual success.

Perhaps this is a perfect metaphor for Channel Services?  Are we the Alastair to your Johnny?  And not just there to help you get deals over the line, but with you when you are buying your first pair of trainers and starting the gruelling and challenging process of becoming a winner; not just waiting for you to win.  Are we strong partners in winning the race well before it has begun?

  • On the same stage as you and creating demand in end user customers together
  • Advocates of innovation and vocally promoting the adoption of the solutions we are skilled in partnering with you to deliver.
  • Investing in new technology incubation, building the skills needed to deploy new products before those skills become commercially viable or available – working with channel partners and vendors alike in this risky endeavour.
  • Commercially disruptive by investing our money in growing opportunities with our partners, making joint bets and shouldering some of the risk before the big haul is pulled in.
  • Connected to the needs of VAR’s and SI’s and to their vendors; understanding how we can help you win more.
  • Always be under the skin of vendor accreditations and programmes, and help drive increased profitability by helping build new models of delivery and support services.

CyberCrowd is fantastic example of how a proactive channel services partner should work.  Sean Hugget, CyberCrowd’s MD, has presented to over 400 end user customers on behalf of our channel partners on the thorny and fast looming GDPR regulations coming into force in 2018 in the last 6 months. From those 400 presentations, CyberCrowd has helped engage more deeply with 100 organisations, provided bids and quotes for GDPR consulting and services, and is now engaged in delivering paid consultancy services through channel partners.

That investment in creating demand is good for CyberCrowd of course.  But, this then creates significant downstream opportunity for partners, engaging more widely with the customer’s data privacy people, policy, process and technology needs.

Of course, there is an alternative view.  When poet, philosopher, actor, and footballer, Eric Cantona sat in a press conference after his infamous sporting act that caught the attention of the world-wide media he uttered the now legendary, “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.”

Sacré Bleu, I hope this isn’t how we behave or are viewed by the wider channel.

Channel Services partners cannot simply sit behind your trawler hoping for discarded sardines.

Our appetite for investment in your success must be the same as the Brownlee brothers demonstrated from their early school days till the moment one of them showed what genuine support means.

We as a channel cannot meet the demand our customers have for digital modernisation – at the speed and scale at which they will demand it if we do not understand that channel services can create demand as well as fulfil it, drive new technology adoption rather than wait for it to happen, hire pre-sales people to help with designs during the sales process as well offer professional services engineers during the delivery phase, and that we provide you with individuals who can help you develop a go to market strategy not just an organisation that reaps the rewards of your vision,

CyberCrowd is out there at the beginning of the process, spending time and effort (and let’s be honest money) in dropping the bait into the water to attract the shoal for our partners.  They do so on the understanding that it is the partner who should benefit most from the haul.

That is the demonstration of genuine partnership for success.